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Learning Opportunities Valuing Education

Due to COVID-19

Our Hours of Operation

Have Temporarily Changed:

Monday - Friday

Based on the Hours of our Enrolled Students Actively in Attendance

For up to the minute updates, or to text message us directly, visit our FB page at or our IG @loveyourchildcare.

L.O.V.E. Defined:

Learning               the modification of behavior through

                    practice, training, or experience.

Opportunities        situations or conditions favorable for

                              attainment of a goal.

Valuing       the worth of service in terms of the amount of other

                  services in terms of some medium of exchange.

Education        the act or process of imparting or acquiring

                    general knowledge, developing the powers

                                 of reasoning & judgment, generally

                           of preparing oneself or others intellectually

                                              for mature life.

Early Childhood Education


Professional Development

Humans learn by exploration through their natural creative energy, and working through each problem to the necessary end. Reggio Emilia approach, developed by Loris Malaguzzi in Reggio Emilia, Italy suits our Philosophy the best.

Inspired by this approach, we are dedicated to each child's ability to THINK critically to solve almost any problem given an attentive teacher, a prepared environment, and supported by a community that sees the whole individual child as significant and valuable to the world before him or her.

We utilize movement, music, art, nature, investigation, and discovery to facilitate developmentally appropriate learning physically, cognitively, emotionally & socially. We are here to positively effect children's learning thereby positively effecting our Neighborhood, our City, our State, our Country, our Earth.

Co-founders, Kelly Dawn Jones, and her now retired Mother, Jackie Jones Jackie. Forever in debt to her for all she has done to enrich the lives of Indy's youngest learners.

We Will All Get There 


L.O.V.E.'s Teachers, and Supporters

Take Early Childhood Education and 

Global Community Seriously


Values Education

and Redefines the "Classroom" as 

any space where a child may be,

learning is occurring.


Encourages Exploration, Critical 

Thinking, and Self-reliance.


Cultivates Strong Community by

Embracing All Humanity from Birth 

for Life.






Both LOVE Sites Located in

Indy's Southeast Neighborhood Community

LOVE Your Child's Care I

Corporate HOME Office

And Department of Education Approved

Preschool Program Ages 3 and Up.

2220 Sloan Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46203

Updated Pic Coming Soon!

Southeast of Fountain Square and Twin Aire

Not too Far South of Irvington

Just North of Beech Grove

On Corner of Raymond St. and Sloan Ave.


Sherman and Emerson

Minutes to Highways 465, 65, and 74